Review of the Slot Machine, “Megaways”

When you say, “It’s alive!” your imagination immediately conjures up a picture of a mad scientist flicking a switch to bring to life some kind of fleshy invention. Skywind Group must have thought so, for the slot machine Alive! Megaways is based on the story of Victor Frankenstein and his monster. Rather than Mary Shelley’s gothic masterpiece, this game is more like the Gene Wilder movie or the Boris Karloff classic, and it has both the standard Megaways features and the newest Play It Your Way gambling option to try out.

Alive! Megaways takes place in a stony laboratory with eerie lighting. It’s not the most creative setting, but Skywind has done a great job recreating it by adding fog, sparks, and other laboratory trappings. The exciting music contributes to the game’s appealing Lovecraftian vibe, creating an aura that is both scientific and extremely Victor Frankenstein. The game grid is the main attraction; it consists of 6 reels with 2-7 symbols each and 1 horizontally rotating reel with 4 symbols. With up to 200,704 possible paylines, the number of winning combinations increases with each spin of the reels.

Alive! is about a monster being given a second chance at life, much like the one on the slab. Megaways is a highly unpredictable game that gave us some challenging situations to simulate. This was especially true of the Play It Your Way option, which calls for considerable deliberation because of the high potential for low payoff. Bet selection is another aspect of Alive! Megaways that requires preparation. The range of possible base bets, from 20 percent up to £/€200 every spin, is only part of the story. The other part involves deciding whether or not to use the Double Chance option. Doing so increases the stake by 25% but doubles the likelihood of winning free games.

There are a total of 10 different pay symbols scattered across the game. There are four club suits first, followed by nuts and bolts and finally, pink elixir bottles. The monster is the highest paying symbol, followed by the helper type, the dame, the scientific guy, and the helper type again. Payouts for combinations of six premium symbols range from one multiple of the wager to ten times the wager. The Descartes-esque brain-in-a-vat crazy appears just on the first reel and can replace any other symbol there.

Megaways Slot Machine Features | Alive!

You’ll recognize certain elements from previous Megaways games, while others will be new to you in Alive! Megaways’ feature set. Dynamic Action Symbols, which is essentially a mystery symbols staple, is one example. When they occur, the symbols are changed into the appropriate pay icon for a win.

Making a profit with Alive! To activate Megaways, you must first line up identical symbols across reels 1 through 5. After a victory, the Extra Chance feature is activated, which removes the winning symbols from the board and replaces them with new symbols that fall into the empty spaces, giving the player another chance to win. When no further wins occur, the cascades stop.

The Unlimited Multiplier Free Games bonus round is the highlight. When activated by 3 scatters, this feature awards 8 free games, with an extra +4 spins for each additional scatter in view. A win multiplier is utilized in this extra round. After a symbol is removed using the Extra Chance feature, the multiplier increases by 1. During the bonus round, you have the chance to win 2, 4, or 8 additional free spins when 2, 3, or 4 lever symbols appear on the top reel, respectively.

After a certain number of free spins have been used up, the Play It Your Way feature will become available. Your options are as follows:

One option is to cash out and return to the main menu.

The alternative is to use the money to try to win additional free games, with the odds decreasing the more free games you play. Remember that if you lose, you get nothing, but there may be a consolation award. Expect little, though.

The third choice, however, allows you to risk some of your profits in exchange for further spins. As a result, your odds of receiving free tokens will decrease.

Before we wrap up, let’s talk about the bonus buy option. If so, players can pay 100 times their initial wager for the chance at 10 free spins.

Alive! Slot Machine Megaways: Results

This is Skywind’s third Megaways game, so you can expect to see them improve as time goes on. While the studio has so far largely stuck to tried-and-true plot devices, it has displayed an inventive feature flare right from the get-go. Book of Gems Megaways, with a lead actor who looks like Tom Hardy, was the first. This game successfully combined the Megaways format with a ‘book of’ bonus game. Big Buffalo Megaways, the sequel, had less risky gameplay but innovative twists on multipliers thanks to its focus on animals.

We finally have Alive! Countless avenues for investigation. A bunch of Alive! once more. With its cascades, mysterious symbols, free spins, and win multiplier, Megaways is not really surprising. Classic Megaways gameplay with a touch of flair is what you’ll get here, thanks to the game’s stylish presentation.

Alive! Megaways is ideal for those who want to take a chance with the game’s optional gamble round. The section titled “Play It Your Way” is likely to pique the interest of such gamers. Play It Your Way may be really cruel; it’s a genuine kick in the nads if you lose everything for the sake of a few additional free spins. Betting on the 16 bonus games might be a joy for some, especially if they cash out early. You should try it out for yourself to see whether it suits your personality.

Besides the exception of Play It Your Way, Live! Megaways is much business as usual, but presented in an attractive packaging. Everything you need for a fun Megaways session is here, including a maximum prize of 20,000x the stake and a few risky options for those who want to take a chance.

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